Coal: The Basics

Coal is destructive at every step in the process: mining, burning and disposal.

Coal is NOT the Answer
Coal fired power stations are death factories. Close them” — James Hansen
Hidden Cost of Coal
Big Coal and Child Victims (videos and article)
Coal is Dirty Business–Athens, Ohio (videos)
Coal Field Uprising an article by the Nation
Articles on Grist by Bruce Nilles, Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign Director
Coal Story by Green Peace
Coal Impacts Health at Every Stage in Cycle Physicians explain
Map of Coal Plants Pollution and Death


Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining
Big Coal and Mountain Top Removal
The EPA just vetoed the largest MTR permit in West Virginia history


Interactive Map Identifying Levels of Pollution Across the Nation
Video Illustrating Health Risks Associated with Coal Burning
Information on Emissions from Coal Power Plants
Information on Financial Cost of Burning Coal which Causes Environmental and Health Problems
EPA Statistics on Health Risks Related to Coal Power Plants
Sierra Club Victories: 100 Coal Plants Defeated
Cleaning the Air at the Expense of Waterways (New York Times Article)


Appalachian Voices Video Shows Destruction of the Emory River from the 2008 Coal Ash Spill.
Interactive Map on Water Pollution — The New York Times
VIDEO: CBS Report on Coal Ash
Coal Ash in the Dominican Republic


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