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Letter to the Editor

UK Beyond Coal’s own Becca Barhorst was published in the Kentucky Kernel today; Alternative energy solutions part of pushing UK to the top

“As an intern with the UK Beyond Coal campaign, a campaign within the Sierra Club to push college campuses around the nation to move beyond coal to using 100 percent  renewable energy, I was just as proud to wear my yellow than as if I were wearing Kentucky blue.

Having school spirit isn’t just about supporting our basketball team; it’s about supporting any initiative towards bettering our university as a whole.”

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UK Beyond Coal students make an appearance on ESPN

At the UK Basketball game against Tennessee last Saturday, there were clumps of yellow “Beyond Coal” t-shirts mixed in with all the Kentucky Blue. While some signs were taken away, we still got attention at the game and even made a brief appearance on ESPN!

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I Love Mountains Day 2010

Thursday, February 11 was KFTC’s I Love Mountains Day in Frankfort. Check it out!

Mountain top removal has had a devastating effect on Kentucky’s land and people.  This destructive practice leaves beautiful landscapes in ruins and pollutes the drinking water of Kentucky citizens.

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Great editorial in the Kernel

Proper channels can bring change

I want (people) to be aware this is going on, to understand the harmful effects coal is having on the community and the state,” said UK Beyond Coal faculty intern Laura Peot in a Feb. 3 Kernel article. “I want people to know the truth.”

By going through the proper channels, working with adminstration and working with this campus, these students are finding a way to have their voices heard. And a small group of organized students possesses much power.

Read more HERE

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Dr. James Hansen Urges Universities to Move Beyond Coal

The Sierra Club Campuses Beyond Coal Campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill hosted this press conference with prominent climate scientist Dr. James Hansen. Hansen stresses that universities should lead the nation and the world to move beyond coal, the dirtiest energy source we could possibly use, by phasing off of coal well before 2020. Students, faculty, alumni and community members gathered in front of UNC’s coal-fired cogeneration plant on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd holding signs calling for Chancellor Holden Thorp to be a “climate champ”! Glaciologist Dr. Jose Rial, Dr. Pat Leighten, UNC student Stewart Boss, and Carrboro alderman Sammy Slade appear in the video with Hansen.

Check out UNC’s Coal Free campaign website

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Next Meeting- Monday at 6

Our next meeting is this Monday at 6:00 in room 363 of the student center. All are welcome!

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Smith Plant Hearing in Winchester- Thursday at 6:30

On February 4th, citizens have the opportunity to comment in an open hearing with the KY Division of Air Quality regarding the proposed J.K. Smith Station coal plant.

The East Kentucky Power Cooperative (‘EKPC’) proposes to build a new 278
megawatt coal-fired boiler at the Smith Power Station along the Kentucky River, near Trapp, in Clark County.

Building this plant is a bad business decision. Coal-fired plants are becoming increasingly expensive and EKPC is already in poor fiscal shape.To cover some of the plant’s costs, according to a recent report, EKPC would likely attempt to pass on an additional 5% rate increase to consumers.

Not only will the plant affect residents financially, it will also have a profound effect on their health. For example:

-Over the next thirty-three years, the coal plant would generate almost 17 million cubic yards of coal ash.

-According to EKPC’s own documents, during the first twelve years of operation, EKPC does not intend to apply for landfill permits, but will instead use coal ash as structural fill, dumping it into wetlands and streams near the Kentucky River.

-Coal plant emissions include fine particulate matter – or soot – which is linked to respiratory problems like asthma and pulmonary disease, as well as heart problems, and is unsafe at any level.

-Coal plants are a major source of mercury, a highly toxic metal that can result in developmental disorders and chronic disease and is especially harmful to children. The Smith plant’s mercury emissions would settle out and accumulate in rivers, lakes and streams in Kentucky and into the food chain through fish.

Join us in attendance at this public hearing, at 6:30 pm at the Clark County Cooperative Extension Office. Everyone in attendance has the option of speaking in public comment to the Division of Air Quality.

If you cannot make it to the hearing in person, written comments can be submitted to the Kentucky DAQ within 30 days by email at with a copy to the US EPA at

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If you’re looking for more ways to get involved in coal issues and on campus in general, UK’s branch of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is a great place to start!  We’re looking for fresh faces who want to make a difference and have fun doing it. We’ll be working closely with UK’s Beyond Coal Campaign throughout the semester because the more people who get involved, the greater difference we can make.

We meet every Wednesday at 7:30pm in the Student Center rm. 111.  Come check us out!

See what KFTC is up to here:

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Kickoff Party!

THe Kickoff Party was Monday night at 8:30 on the third floor of the student center. There were nearly 90 people there, excited to get to work on the campaign. The keynote speaker got all the students pumped up about being at the forefront of social change around coal in Kentucky. The meeting broke off into four groups, alumni coalitions, faculty coalitions, media, and event planning. Each group brainstormed ideas for the coming semester and got to work!


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Coal Ash Day of Action!

Join thousands across the country in taking a stand to create strong regulations on toxic coal ash today, January 28th!

SIGN THE PETITION ONLINE and learn more at:

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