UK Media

UK Beyond Coal Media

Atrocious acts of the coal industry endanger miners lives– Becca Barhorst

Club wants to curb coal– Tilly Finley, Kentucky Kernel

Surface mining endangers environment– Sam Reid

Coal will not save Kentucky in future– Callie Thomas

Long-term outlook needed with coal– Curt Liska

Kentucky students push for clean energy– Ashleigh Lovelace, Mother Nature Network

Students raise awareness of campus coal with silent demonstration– Roy York, Kentucky Kernel

Alternative energy solutions part of pushing UK to the top– Becca Barhorst

Proper channels can bring change– Kentucky Kernel

Group’s Goal to Go beyond Coal – Shannon Frazer, Kentucky Kernel

University of Kentucky students want coal off campus; offers T-shirts – Andy Mead, Easy Being Green Blog


Wildcat Coal Lodge Media

University of Kentucky dorm renamed Wildcat Coal Lodge despite student protests– Grist article

UK “Coal Lodge” Moves Forward Despite Student Outrage- SSC article

University of Kentucky Coal Dorm Rachel Maddow Show– YouTube Video


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