Upcoming Events:

March 8 – 8:30- Weekly UK Beyond Coal Meeting on the first floor of the Student Center. Guest Speaker

March 16- 12:00- Clean Air Press Conference- Lexington Public Library, volunteers needed!

March 13-21 – Mountain Justice Spring Break– it is a GREAT opportunity, registration is open now!

March 27 – 7:00- Movie debut of “Deep Down” about a community in Eastern Kentucky when a coal mining company moves in. Music at 6:30, movie at 7:00 (an hour long), and a panel afterward with the producers of the movie and Beverly May, who is in the movie.

April 5- 7:00- Before the weekly meeting, Dick Shore will be playing the role of Sierra Club founder John Muir.  To see a full version of his act, check him out before the meeting!

Past Events:

February 23- UK Beyond Coal “Sign-In”

February 12 -13- Coal Free Future Performance

February 11 – Kentuckians for the Commonwealth’s I Love Mountains Day in Frankfort

February 4 – Smith Plant Hearing in Winchester- stop a new coal fired power plant from being built in KY- 6:30 PM

February 1 – UK Beyond Coal Kick-off Meeting

January 29-31 – Sierra Club activist weekend

January 18-22 – Internship interviews


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